The Domain Names Manager, provided with the Web Hosting Control Panel enables you to flawlessly command numerous domain names from a single spot. Not only that, it enables you to deal with your domains within the exact same spot you handle your site. And also Parahost Professional Web Hosting’s Domain Names Manager will come loaded with all the tools you’ll ever require to have total control over your domain names.

Multiple Domain Name Management

Handle all your domains from one location

The Parahost Professional Web Hosting Domain Names Manager has got a simple to use interface out of where it’s possible to deal with all your domain names and websites with a click. You can find an assortment of domain settings such as – the option to modify WHOIS, change name servers, define custom DNS records, lock/unlock domain, etc., right at your fingertips. Other domain name regulations include limitless parked domains, URL redirection, Domain WHOIS Privacy Protection, etc.

If you’ve got many different domains, your are able to use the ’bulk domain’ option to register, transfer or renew numerous domains at a time. Most of the edit domain name solutions are furthermore applicable for many different domains at one go.

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DNS Records

Manage various DNS records

Inside the Web Hosting Control Panel, you can get an option to create numerous DNS records for your domains. It is possible to point your domains to external hosts by using A or AAAA records, take advantage of 3rd party mail web servers through MX records, set up domain redirection with CNAME records, permit support for additional solutions utilizing TXT records, etc. It’s possible to alter the configured DNS records and return them to their defaulting values with a mouse click.

Further than the custom DNS records, you should also register name servers which can be dependant upon your domain. Therefore your consumers will find your brand, as opposed to our universal name servers, once they complete a WHOIS search.

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Domain Parking

Park all your domains within just 1 step

Domain Parking is a good service which can be used to order alluring domain names and place them online without needing to have websites. You are able to park as many domain names as you wish from the Domain Names Manager of your Web Hosting Control Panel. Parking a domain can make it present an ’Under Construction’ web page, a "for sale" webpage, as well as forward the domain name to an alternative web site.

As soon as you have got your web site prepared, you can actually host back your domain name with simply one click! Your newly submitted website will get on the internet straight away.

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Domain Redirection

Inbuilt domain re–direction

If you want to redirect your domain to a different web address, it can be done with only a mouse click from the Domain Names Manager. We provide you with an intuitive tool for domain name re–direction. What you need to do is type in the website url in which you would like to route your domain to. You are able to forward it to a different domain in your own website hosting account as well as to any other domain online.

And when you would like to point the domain to your Linux shared website hosting account – simply click on the ’Host Domain’ button and our platform will perform the rest.

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Whois Privacy Protection

Guard your private information

Your personal domain name registration data is publicly available by principle. Thankfully, there exists a approach to stop it from featuring on the web by making usage of Domain WHOIS Privacy Protection! With this particular service, your WHOIS data will never show on the web when someone performs a WHOIS lookup for your domain.

Nevertheless, if someone truly has to speak to you relating to your website name, they’re able to work with the email published to the WHOIS information and we’ll forward it for you automatically.

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Protect your customers’ details

The easiest method to guarantee protection for the very sensitive information of your online clients will be to install an SSL in your site. It can encrypt the link regarding the site visitors and then your web site, so that all sent data such as credit card details are kept protected.

From the Domain Names Manager, it’s easy to ask a fresh SSL certificate for your web site. You may choose among 2 kinds of SSL – common (for 1 website) and Wildcard (for any hosts within a domain).

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