What is OpenCart?

If you need to own web shop set up with minimum efforts and hard work, then OpenCart certainly is the solution you’re looking for. You have lots of options open to you right from the box. When using the easy to use OpenCart admin interface, you’ll have your web store ready without delay.

With OpenCart, it is possible to build a vast variety of goods, with an evaluation for each one. The app supports quite a few currencies, with new ones being added in with every new version. There’s 20 distinct transaction gateways supported, from PayPal to Klarna, furthermore there are actually 8 delivery solutions offered. And if you’re looking for more, you may always improve the main functionality using one of the numerous free add–ons that can be obtained for OpenCart.

OpenCart is a trademark of OpenCart Limited and shares no connection with Parahost Professional Web Hosting.

OpenCart–Optimized Linux Shared Website Hosting Services

When you manage an e–shop, it’s vital that you possess a solid hosting company which will make certain that your site will be in action, all the time. At Parahost Professional Web Hosting, we’ve introduced designed OpenCart Linux shared website hosting services which come with a 99.9% server uptime guarantee. And because of the custom made shared website hosting system and network setup, we can easily keep our guarantee each day.

The OpenCart–optimized Linux shared website hosting packages come with infinite disk space, unrestricted traffic and infinite MySQL database storage space allocations. Thus, it won’t make a difference what number of website visitors or merchandise you have – you will not ever use up all your traffic or disk space. And we are able to install and set up OpenCart instantly for you, when you order your account.