Virtuozzo Containers is a software solution, that is used to make virtual servers on a physical server. It allows VPS accounts to be created and controlled separately of one another, so each of them can have its own OS and a fixed and ensured amount of system resources, which include CPU time, disk space, physical memory, etc. You will be able to start, stop or reboot the server, to install a variety of software packages, to perform various maintenance tasks, to create firewall rules and even to reset the entire hosting server to its initial state by using a very user-friendly web interface. In addition, you can keep close track of the used and the available system resources and on the running processes, to have an idea when the eventual growth of your sites will require a package upgrade as well. Virtuozzo will give you full control over your VPS and you will be able to control everything effortlessly, even if you do not have much experience.